Transforming corrections to transform lives is an innovative collaboration working to transform the lives of mothers in custody and their children. Our pioneering project has the principles of co-creation at its core.

Our vision is to co-create a new method of service provision for imprisoned mothers and their children that:

  • Creates conditions for families to thrive through a holistic system of practice that supports wellbeing and social inclusion
  • Demonstrates more effective, sustainable service provision that can be scaled up by governments

We can and need to do better to work with mothers and their children to create pathways for families to thrive.

Recent project reports and publications

The needs of mothers before, during and after imprisonment: Summary findings from Workshop Series 1

This report captures the findings from the first series of workshops conducted during December 2020. The key findings in this report are that; (i) women want more opportunities to be mothers and to maintain or rebuild their relationship with their children while in prison, (ii) during their imprisonment mothers want opportunities to start healing and changing, and (iii) once released, mothers want more support to stay out of prison.

Posters: “The worries and needs of mothers while they are in prison” and “Mothers want help to”.

These posters are a reader-friendly version of the summary findings from the Workshop Series 1 report. The posters were published in May 2021 and they serve as a feedback report for women in correctional centres who participated in the first workshop series. The posters were presented to mothers across all the participating correctional centres in June 2021 during Workshop 4.

Understanding the needs of children and young people who experience maternal imprisonment: Summary findings from Workshop Series 2

This report summarises findings from a workshop held in April 2021 with government and not for profit organisation stakeholders working with children and youth affected by maternal incarceration. This workshop identified opportunities for interventions in six domains that are important for positive development in children and young people: health, education, love and safety, material basics, participation, culture, and identity. The report also highlights the need for a better coordinated and fluid support network for these children and youths.


Active programs across Australia for incarcerated mothers and their children, July 2021

This resource is designed for stakeholders and members of the public who require information about programs available to incarcerated mothers and their children. The resource provides a list of available programs across Australia’s states and territories and will be updated on a regular basis on our website.