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19 September 2022 – Mother-baby unit at Tasmania’s Risdon prison has been underutilised, a report has found Professor Susan Dennison was interviewed by the ABC News regarding a recent report by Custodial Inspector Richard Connock on the mother-baby unit at Tasmania’s Risdon prison which has been underutilised.

16 June 2022 – Transforming Corrections to Transform Lives funded for Phase 2 Thanks to a generous donation from the Paul Ramsay Foundation in June 2022, mothers in the corrections system will benefit from a Griffith University led pilot project designed to support their wellbeing and social inclusion.


9 November 2021 – Parents in Prison Most people in jail have experienced disadvantage at some point in their lives, and it’s a legacy that often passes from parent to child. This episode examines current Australian research into the experience of mothers in the criminal justice system with Professor Susan Dennison from Griffith University. Her research project, Transforming corrections to transform lives, explores how having a parent in prison shapes the development and life outcomes of their children. A better understanding of parental identity in prison could help to improve the experience of those parents, and promote their rehabilitation. Click here to listen to the Podcast episode.

14 October 2021 – Starts at 05:52 “I just felt like I was right where I need to be”: A new project for mothers in a Queensland prison is keeping them connected with their children. It’s hard enough to be a young mum, let alone a young mother in prison. Separated from your toddler for months or sometimes years at a time. A new project is looking at how women in Queensland prisons can remain connected with their children while in prison.
Guest/Audio: Young mother and prisoner, Andrea.
Townsville Women’s Correctional Centre Superintendent, Rod Carroll. Criminology professor, Susan Dennison.
Correctional Counsellor, Damon Faulks.