South Australia Programs

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Program name and providerProgram description and aimsProgram structure and dosageWhere the program is operating
General offending programs
Making Choices

Provider not specified
Making Choices is a moderate intensity women’s program for female prisoners that addresses general offending behaviour. The program uses a range of treatment methods effective in reducing recidivism, including relapse prevention planning, problem solving, safety planning, mood management techniques and the use of cognitive behavioural methods.Support matched to different presenting needs, may include a few months before release and a few months post release.
South Australia Women’s Correctional Centres.

Personal transformation programs
Sisters for Change

Red Cross
Sisters for Change is a Community-Based Health and First Aid (CBHFA) program. The program has several projects within it that include Safe Women Workshops, Clean-Up Crew activities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Training, Elders for Change, an information kit for newly incarcerated parents, families and carers Project, a library and a children's book.

Multiple activities with varied lengths run over a year. Adelaide Women’s Prison, South Australia.

Work skills and traineeship programs
Time to Work (Employment Services provided by Career Employment Australia Ltd)

13 providers deliver the service. Their details are available on the website link provided.
The Time to Work Employment Service assists sentenced Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander prisoners to access support for employment and reintegration into the community upon their release from prison. Must be sentenced and within 2 to 4 months of their release from prison. Sessions and formats differ.Available in all States.

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